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Four Seasons Job Application


I understand that during the course of my job, I will receive information concerning the client(s) that I am serving. In order to preserve the trust and privacy of the client, I promise that all information will be kept confidential.
I recognize that this is a program designed to assist seniors and adults living with disabilities in the North York area, and that the fee for service is $15/hour for students and $20.00/hour ($25.00/hour with my own equipment) for workers 18 years and over, with a one hour service guarantee. I will not charge clients a fee that is higher than the one outlined in this application.
I am aware that I am entering an at-pleasure relationship. In the event that my services are no longer required by Four Seasons Connections, the decision of the program supervisor will be final. (i.e. lack of client requests, disciplinary action, or termination of service).
I agree not to perform any services outside the Four Seasons Connections mandate, including indoor maintenance. I am aware that my phone number will be given to the client(s) that I am serving.
I acknowledge that by completing this application and registering with the program, I agree to the terms listed above.

A special thank you to the volunteers at Better Living for their generosity and kindness. Keep doing a marvelous job!

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